Thanks to neural networks, a new investment cycle is now available to everyone

Thanks to neural networks, a new investment cycle is now available to everyone

A new cryptocurrency investment company, CrypTouch, just recently went live for everyone.

For a period of time it was available only in a test mode for a narrow circle of investors. It is they who have been sharing some of the analytical information in the networks, and some of them even boasted about their weekly reports.

This was reported by Rigacrypto with reference to the statement of the CEO of CrypTouch.

According to them, the development team of CrypTouch, a company that specializes in forming blockchain solutions and creating investment products based on the advanced TensorFlow 2.0 technology, has successfully completed the preparation of the platform. The project was launched in test mode in December 2023. From March 2024, the platform is open to all users.

With CrypTouch you will not have to work to earn money

The uniqueness of the project is that investors will receive individual passive income from algorithms in tandem with artificial intelligence from trading on the cryptocurrency market.

Thus, to work with CrypTouch you do not need to be skilled in the field of investing, and investments will work for you from the first day, bringing income. Of course, earnings directly depend on the amount of investment. The maximum amount of investment in the company is not limited, and the minimum amount is only $10.

CrypTouch’s team of IT specialists and traders started probing the ground back in May 2020 to find profitable “windows” in various exchange stacks. After that, they developed trading and arbitrage algorithms.

According to the CEO of the company – in 2022 we achieved a success rate of 76.4%, at the beginning of 2023 this figure rose up to 81.7%.

On their official website it is stated that the goal for 2024 is to increase the figures to 84-87%.

CrypTouch shared its vision on the benefits of working with artificial intelligence

Based on its already positive experience, CrypTouch shared with us all the benefits of working with AI. We remind you that the official launch of the project took place in December 2023. Before that, it was available only to a narrow circle of investors.

The first, and not the least, was the fact that algorithms trade daily, without weekends and each user has a personal algorithm with individual profitability, which depends on how the user customizes this algorithm.

Traders also program algorithms according to their own developed proven strategies. Only after that the artificial intelligence is additionally linked, which updates data and develops every millisecond.

The use of AI gives the investor the ability to select pools with different income opportunities and profit from trading on several exchanges simultaneously, which gives a return between 5% to 12% per month.

For the convenience of clients, 3 major cryptocurrencies BTC, ETC and USDT are available for both deposit and withdrawal, which allows not only to invest, but also to safely store clients’ assets.

CrypTouch also mentioned the full control over algorithms and market situation 24/7 by their team.

Additionally, the company offers its clients a stable income from the referral programme, for this purpose a specific section in the personal account with a smart and convenient management and reporting system is designated. 

You can start earning with CrypTouch right now.

As you can see, CrypTouch strives to be a reliable partner for its clients, offering innovative investment products and services. Even if you do not have any experience in working with cryptocurrency, CrypTouch gives you a chance to earn money with the help of AI and algorithms developed by specialists.

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